Birdfy Pro Perch Extension

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Note*: Bird feeder not included. Bird feeder needs to be purchased separately.

Introducing Birdfy Pro Perch, the Pro Extension for Your Birdfy to Serve All Kinds of Birds!

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  • Birdfy Pro Perch - 1pc

Multi-Bird Feeders for Summer

1. Fruit Holder: The fruit holder is designed for Orioles, Cardinals, and Finches. You can insert oranges or other type of fruits on it to attract different birds. 

2. Mini Hummingbird Feeder: Redesigned the existing ring-type hummingbird feeder, Netvue has created this mini one for you to attract hummingbirds. 

3. Jelly Feeder: Jelly Feeder usually combines with Fruit Holder as a combo for Orioles. You can easily place it in the space of the perch. 

Multi-Bird Feeders for Winter

4. Suet Feeder: When winter comes, it is important to have a suet feeder for Woodpeckers, Chickadees, and Jays to stay healthy. 

5. Welcome Card: One more thing, the welcome card! It is a great tool for you to welcome lovely birds or write down the daily recipe.

Wider Perch to Hold

Different from the previous design, Birdfy Perch Pro has wider structure for you to add different add-ons but also keeps the same space for birds to stand on. 

Pro Design for All Birds

In order to upgrade Birdfy as a perfect-for-all-birds feeder, Netvue team has come up with this Perch Pro solution. Order now to unlock all potential of your Birdfy. 

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